What are children’s health needs?

Among the main objectives of child related organizations such as the National Quality Framework is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of every child attending both child care and educational services. When a child is diagnosed with some allergy, health care need and some relevant medical condition join a day care or an educational center, some additional requirements should be met for ensuring the safety of the child, well being and health is protected. It is vital for such services have procedures and policies put in place to manage the diagnosed allergies, health care needs and the relevant health conditions which are recommended to ensure regular basis.

With enrollment of any new children in some service, it is vital for the given services to make sure all prescribed info related to the diagnosed allergies, any relevant medical condition and health needs should be collected from guardians then included in the enrollment record. Such services should also involve a review of the enrollment record of a child, which have some continuation of some services from the previous year to make sure the current service is aware of any changes and the accuracy.

Child enrollment record

Before the start of any service operation for a year, you should have a review of both new enrollment and existing records conducted to make sure all relevant information concerning allergies and health care needs is current. The enrollment record regulation includes:

  •  Health care details need of any child comprising allergies and medical conditions and if such a child is diagnosed as the risk of anaphylaxis.
  •  Medical management plan, risk minimization, anaphylaxis medical management should be followed with respect to the identified allergy, medical condition and health care need of dietary restrictions for the given child.

Authorizations and medication

Health care services should ensure that prior to starting any service, the necessary authorizations should be kept in the record and be sought out. They include the details of people authorized to administer the child’s medication and consent to the medical treatment. The concerns of the administration of a child with any medical condition should include a good procedure which has the requirements of the given regulation. Such procedures involve both the non-prescription and prescription medication to be administered before the use or expiry date. Administration of any medication to a child require a medication record which helps set out the required details, then the staff should have an understanding of the record and how to complete it.

Staff first aid qualifications and training

It is always recommended that the services provided to any child have an access to the health care needs, medical conditions and allergies identified. This then leads to the determination of whether the available resources and the recommended processes are enough to ensure an appropriate management of such children.

Center-based services

These services ensure that a minimum of one educator has the below qualifications at any place where children are taken care of.

  • Should be a holder of first aid qualifications.
  • Should have undertaken the current and approved anaphylaxis training
  • Should have undertaken an approved emergency asthma training.

Such people should be holders of either one or more qualifications.

Family day care services

Family day care services should ensure each educator assistant register or engage with the regulated services. They should also be holders the above qualifications. It’s also their responsibility to ensure they have the qualified and approved first aid qualification as in the day care regulations.

First aid kits

To meet the child health care regulations, health cares and home day cares should ensure that they recommend services which conduct audit of first aid kits available on regular basis including

  • Should be available in appropriate numbers.
  • Should be readily available and easy to recognize.
  • Should be suitably equipped.

For health care and family day care services, they should ensure first aid kits are readily accessible, suitably equipped and easily recognizable.

Medical condition policy

The main aim of a medical condition policy is to ensure that the set out services are done in relation to the components listed in health regulations. The regulation requires parents provide the medical management plan. It also requires the development of the minimization of risk and the relevant information it should contain. A copy of any medical policy should too be given to the guardian of the child enrolled in any day care services.

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