6 Reasons Why Soda is Causing Child Obesity

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An increasing number of children from developed countries are becoming overweight and obese. That places those children at risk because of the health issues that go with having weight problems.

The rise of childhood obesity have numerous causes and one of those is the popularity of soda drinks among kids. In the next few minutes, you will learn why soda is causing childhood obesity.

Childhood Obesity Problem

How bad is the childhood obesity problem?

It has been mentioned that children in developed countries are becoming overweight in increasing numbers but how bad is the problem?

It has reached the point where it should be alarming. It is estimated that one out of verey four child in developed countries is either obese or overweight.

The extra pounds on those kids place them at risk of getting various health problems. Those health issues that they might get include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Asthma

On top of those health issues, obesity can also cause emotional problems. Children who are overweight might have a hard time keeping up with the physical activities of other kids of their age. That could leave them feeling left out.

There is also the potential that other kids could exclude them from activities and tease them. What is even worse is that obese kids might get bullied because of their weight. While bullying should be addressed and not condoned among children, it would be better overall if a child becoming overweight and obese can be prevented.


Reasons Why Soda is Causing Child Obesity

There are many factors that are contributing towards the rise of childhood obesity and soda is one of those. So how is this type of beverage causing children to gain weight? Here are some reasons:


  • Sugar Content


The most obvious reason why soda is contributing towards children becoming overweight is because of its high sugar content. Just how much sugar is there in the soda that your kids are drinking? You might be surprised to learn that 12 ounces of soda can contain 10 teaspoonfuls of sugar. No wonder, you’ll end up with diabetes if you keep on drinking it.

  1.  Sugary Drinks Don’t Make Your Kids Feel Full

Sugary drinks supply large amounts of fructose. The problem with fructose is that it does not give that feeling satiety. What does mean? It means your child can drink large amounts of soda and still not feel full. She  could end up eating and drinking way more than what you should.

  1. Sugar Gets Turned into Fat

So what if soda beverages have lots of sugar?

The problem is that the sugar that you consume through foods and drinks get turned into fat when the liver processes it. As we have seen earlier, soda comes in packed with lots and lots of sugar.

  1. Sugar Increases Belly Fat Accumulation

Do you notice your child’s belly getting bigger and fatter? That could be because sugar increases belly fat accumulation. This is also known as visceral fat and it can make your child become overweight and even obese in a short period if you don’t do something about it.

  1. Soda Brings Empty Calories

Another major problem with soda is that it can only deliver empty calories. What does that mean? It means that except for sugar, your child is not getting any other nutrients from soda beverages and we already know that too much sugar is bad.

  1. It can be Addictive

When sugar is consumed, dopamine is released in the brain which triggers a sense of pleasure. That sense can become addictive to some kids. Once they are hooked on the sugary pleasure, it would be difficult to break the habit.

It’s also worth noting that the companies making these soda products are using containers with larger sizes. This practice is driving kids to drink even more of their sugar water.

The good news is that you can always do something about it, so your child does not become overweight because of soda or for any other reason. It is up to you to ensure that your child will have a proper and balanced diet. Introduce your child to better and healthier drinks like juices and smoothies.

You also have to be a good example to your child. You cannot prevent her from drinking soda, while you continue drinking sugar water.


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